At Dinwiddie County Water Authority (DCWA), our goal is to help make doing business with us easy for our customers, keep our customers informed about specific DCWA policies, and provide our customers with copies of reports which directly affect DCWA’s operation. As updated forms, policies, and/or reports become available, DCWA will post them here for download and review.


There are a number of forms related to various aspects of the water and sewer services provided by the Dinwiddie County Water Authority (DCWA) which will require completion and submittal. The currently available forms are shown below. Please contact us if the form you need is not shown. Completed forms can be delivered to our office in person during normal business hours or sent to our office via USPS.

Application for Service Form (Residential)
Application for Service Form (Business)
Application for Temporary Service Form
Temporary Water Use Form (Business)
Social Security Verification Form
Discontinuation of Service Form
Bank Withdrawal Form (Checking)
Bank Withdrawal Form (Credit Card)
Bank Withdrawal Cancellation Form
Adjustment for Water/Sewer Loss Form
DCWA Employment Application
Owner Authorization for Water and Sewer Service in Name of Tenant
Owner Authorization Form For Initial Service
Change of Mailing Address-Account Name Request Form
DCWA Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Test Form

To view pdf (portable document format) files, you must have a modern pdf reader installed on your browser. You can click here to get a free pdf reader.


To ensure quality water and sewer services to our customers, DCWA has instituted several policies regarding customer and Authority responsibilities. The documents below provide a comprehensive explanation for specific policies.

Pretreatment Policy and Regulations
Discontinuation of Service Policy
Account Set-up Policy (Business)
Return Check Policy
Emergency Contact Procedure
Drought Response Ordinance


In its capacity as a water and sewer service utility, DCWA falls under the oversight of several state and federal agencies which require periodic reports in addition to those required by DCWA’s Board of Directors. The information shown below reflects the contents of those reports by specific topic.

DCWA 2023 Water Quality Report
Lew Jones 2023 Water Quality Report