The Dinwiddie County Water Authority (DCWA) is a water and sewer authority created by the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act that provides water and sewer service in Dinwiddie County.  DCWA is governed by a five member Board of Directors appointed by the Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors.  Our office is located at 23008 Airpark Drive, North Dinwiddie, Va., with operating hours from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Please click here for our detailed office hours schedule.

To provide water and sewer service in Dinwiddie County, DCWA maintains two water distribution pump stations, 24 wastewater pump stations, 5 elevated water tanks, one wastewater treatment plant, approximately 80 miles of water lines and approximately 65 miles of wastewater collection lines.

Potable water is purchased from the Appomattox River Water Authority (ARWA) and distributed to DCWA’s customers through the Main Water Pump Station on Ferndale Road and Booster Water Pump Station.  The Lew Jones Subdivision is served by a community well.  Water service is also provided to a few customers adjacent to the County of Prince George by the County of Prince George and near the Town of McKenney by the Town of McKenney.

Wastewater service in the north end of Dinwiddie County is collected in DCWA’s gravity collection system and various wastewater pump stations and sent through two metering stations to the South Central Wastewater Authority (SCWWA) for treatment.

Wastewater service to the Courthouse Area is provided by a small collection system around the Courthouse Area.  The area served flows to the Courthouse Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment prior to discharge into Stoney Creek.

DCWA’s daily operations and management functions are the responsibilities of an Executive Director, an Operations Manager, Ben Jones, and an Office Manager, Brandon Luebbers.